Rename "Lee County" Florida to "Calusa County"

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One of Southwest Florida's most prominent counties, Lee County, is named for Civil War Confederate general Robert E. Lee. It is also home to the city of Fort Myers (named after Colonel Abraham Myers, quartermaster general of the Confederate States Army). 

It's time to stop idolizing these Confederate soldiers. Ending racism includes the removal of racist figures, statues, and idols across the south. We propose this petition to rename Lee County, Florida, in an effort to continue the battle to eradicate racism in the United States. If Florida state leadership truly wants Florida residents to be united, they will take a stand against racism and change the name of Lee County to Calusa County, honoring the indigenous Calusa tribe of Southwest Florida.

Here is the list of Lee County Managers (including email addresses and phone numbers).

Here is a list of Lee County Commissioners (including email addresses and phone numbers).

Contact the Fort Myers mayor's office:

Contact the Florida house of representatives:

Contact Florida Rep. Francis Rooney:

Contact Florida state governor Ron DeSantis:

Call our local representatives at the county, state, and congressional level to show your support!

It's time to make a change here in Southwest Florida.