prohibit used catalytic converter from being sold

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There has been an ongoing situation with Catalytic Converter being stolen by thiefs in the Chicago area and are being sold as used parts the city has done nothing about it and its time to prohibit used Catalytic Converter being sold as used parts in less than 4 months my Kia Sportage 2013 Catalytic Converter got cut/stolen twice and had to pay $800 to replace being a low income family of 5 is hard to come up with this money, police report has been done and the private investigator never reach out to me for the videos that I had from my cameras, calls were made to him and he never reached back, police really does nothing about this, if Catalytic Converter are prohibit from being sold as used parts there can be a change I ask you to join me in this petition and make this law enforce in the Chicago area state of Illinois.

Thank You