Keep Horse & Carriages in Chicago

Since 1980, the City of Chicago has enjoyed the benefit of permitting horse drawn carriages as a means to enhance the experience of city life for both residents and visitors alike. The majority of carriage rides are given to tourists. In addition to giving rides to tourists,  horse drawn carriages are used for weddings, engagements, special events, and movies. This vibrant and diverse use of horse drawn carriages has had a great and positive impact on visitors coming to Chicago.

Answers to FAQ (provided by C.O.N.A): 

Carriage horses are bred to work in harnesses. In fact, the exercise keeps the horses healthy. 

Horses recognize, respond to, and develop affection for their drivers. 

Carriage horses can easily pull a wheeled vehicle six (6) times their own weight, however most carriage horses are used at only 25% of that capacity.  A carriage horse averages 1,200 pounds to 2,300 pounds in weight, therefore they are able to pull anywhere from 7,200 pounds to 13,800 pounds.

Carriage horses in Chicago have been professionally trained and wear protective shoes.

The owners of the carriage horses choose to regularly rotate the horses in and out of the city for proper time off/vacations, which are no less than two (2) months and up to four (4) months off per year. These horses are very well LOVED!

Keep tourism in Chicago thriving!  Please Keep Horse & Carriages in Chicago.

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