Keep KCMO Fire Station 40 Open

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Press Release from KCMO August 21st: Let’s face it: Fire Station No. 40 is one of the oldest stations in Kansas City, Missouri, and it’s been breaking down for years. So now that septic issues have reached a boiling point, KCFD officials are looking to move -- at least temporarily – to greener pastures.
The station is still open and staffed with one pumper and one ambulance, which has been the case for several years. However, ongoing sewage issues make it difficult to safely operate this Northland firehouse.
Next month, the pumper company and ambulance will relocate to the new station that’s opening at 6200 NE Cookingham Dr. For now, though, the plan is to keep ambulance services running out of No. 40. The overwhelming majority of the station’s calls are for emergency medical services.
Social media has been buzzing in recent days with word that the station might be closing soon. That concern has not gone unnoticed.
“We are aware of citizen concern whenever it appears a station will no longer be available in their neighborhood,” KCFD Chief Gary Reese said. “We will never leave a “hole in coverage.”
Reese said even with the prospect of station 40 being remodeled or rebuilt, KCFD would still maintain pumpers at its current three other Northland locations, in addition to the other nearby units that can respond to emergencies in the area.
In the meantime, KCFD will continue to monitor and adjust overall deployment strategies, including the current practice and use of “floating” personnel as various solutions are being considered to provide appropriate coverage of the entire city, Reese said.

Facts (Kinda): Plumbing is the issue supposedly. We don't have enough money to fix the issues at Station 40, but we do have enough money to build a brand new station farther north. 

People moved to this area with the understanding that a fire station was right around the corner, down the street, or a few miles from their house. That will be no longer.

Talks are in the works .............. what talks? We have been left in the dark on this subject till basically a month before the pumper and it's crew are moved. Do you really believe their are talks happening about fixing or replacing the station? 

Sign the petition, save our fire station for this great area we live in ..for our families..our children..our neighbors .... our homes.