Please redesign Central to allow for more free travel in Albuquerque

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To whom it may concern: Thank you for taking the time to read my petition. For over a year, residents of Albuquerque have been patient in waiting for the grand opening of the ART system under the promise of better utilization of the space on Central. Now thousands of citizens have been seeing vehicles swerving to avoid cones and lanes that aren’t allowed to be used, causing safety hazards. Lanes are eliminated randomly without any warning, forcing vehicles to have to merge mid-intersection, such as when traveling westbound on Central at University. Not only that, but with the elimination of hundreds of left turns because of the medians, we see people making illegal, erratic, and rushed u-turns, causing safety hazards. Aside from the safety concerns mentioned, much of the frustration surrounding the ART project is the accumulated hours lost by the thousands of citizens stuck in traffic forced to use this route daily as a means to get to school or work. The people choosing to seek alternative routes such as Zuni or Lomas do not see much relief, because all of the traffic Central is unable to contain spills onto these streets.

As a solution, I would like to propose that Mayor Tim Keller and our city workers create a new design plan for Central. I believe this would do a great deal in improving overall satisfaction with the administration in Albuquerque as well as earning back the trust of our citizens. I am not a road worker or professional by any means, however after driving this road for about a year, I have seen first hand how difficult navigating Central can be (especially if you are on a time constraint). An idea to improve ease of navigation would be to remove all of the medians within the ART system and repaint to create smooth, straight lanes down historic Route 66. My suggestion would be to create a 5-lane street in most areas, just like the area of Central between Tramway and Wyoming. This would allow for freer movement while driving and also allow for more room to go around turning vehicles and busses. Also, it will reduce traffic at any given time because people will be allowed to turn on the street closest to their destination. This is also a good way to get businesses to recover along Central as well.

Again, thank you for reading my petition and thank you for signing if you choose to.

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