Establish an Equity and Empowerment Commission in Wheaton Illinois

Establish an Equity and Empowerment Commission in Wheaton Illinois

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June 2020, 6000 people signed the petition to "Require Wheaton Police Department Officers to wear Body Cameras," one of the biggest petitions to spark fundamental change for the marginalized communities in Wheaton. The people of Wheaton are not isolated from the current events seen across the country. We are aware of injustices and demand to be a part of the necessary reform.

June 15th 2020, Mayor of Wheaton Philip Suess and Wheaton City Council Passed a "Pride Proclamation." It stated, "Wheaton is dedicated to the acceptance of all of its residents...all residents and visitors in our community feel valued, empowered, and supported...pride week in the city of Wheaton to promote the principles of equality and liberty for all of our residents."

July 20th 2020, Anti-Gay vandalism in Wheaton Illinois was found and a public statement from elected officials was not released. Only a month after the pride proclamation, and the city of Wheaton already forgot to include all people.

February 2021, Local nonprofit reaches out to the city to create a rainbow crosswalk. Immediately denied without further discussion because the rainbow flag is "promoting political activities," marking multiple occurrences of when the LGBTQ+ community in Wheaton is silenced because the community is a political issue.

Multiple accounts from other disenfranchised communities regarding inclusion in Wheaton have felt not included. Pride and equity for all cannot be performative or used as a ground for reelection. Wheaton needs to prove to ALL that they are dedicated to ensuring that all members feel valued and welcome. We need to hold our elected officials accountable, we need to hold any organization receiving tax dollars accountable, and we need to ensure that every resident in Wheaton feels at home in their community. Wheaton, Illinois, needs to form an Equity & Empowerment Commission.

The purpose of the Equity & Empowerment Commission is to identify and eradicate inequities in city services, programs, human resource practices, and decision-making processes. The goal is to ensure that all residents receive equal service and treatment regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, age, marital status, familial status, disability, gender identity, and gender expression. A diverse community is one where all people feel welcome and are empowered to participate in the shaping of their community; only then can our community be successful. To achieve better outcomes and sustainable change for our community, we must work to leverage our diversity and actively practice inclusion. When historically underrepresented groups are part of the decision-making process, the outcomes are smarter and far more sustainable.

The duties of this commission include but are not limited to: 

  1. Advise city officials of opportunities to promote understanding that accepts, celebrates, and appreciates diversity in the community, and to facilitate increased understanding and awareness of social justice and human rights. 
  2. Act as a liaison to all city services to ensure that all practices and communications are as inclusive as possible. 
  3. Recommend changes, as necessary, to various policies, structures, and procedures related to public safety that may disproportionately impact Black people and other persons of color with the specific aim of improving community relations, establishing mutual trust and respect, and rooting out and ending systemic racism. 
  4. Aim to normalize concepts of social and racial justice within city government. 
  5. Organize staff around advancing equity in their departments, and operationalize equitable policies, programs, and procedures within city government.

The long-term impacts of this commission include but are not limited to: 

  1. City services will make the greatest impact towards Wheaton’s vision of prosperity; 
  2. The City will actively foster a mission-driven culture, aligning everyday work with the core values of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation;
  3. and Residents will increasingly trust that the City is responsive and accountable to the community.

I, Jacob Kniep, acting as a private resident of Wheaton, Illinois, call to the mayor and city council of Wheaton, Illinois, to create this commission. I, Jacob Kniep also present myself as the person to facilitate, curate, and promote this new commission.

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!