No dedicated bike lane or removal of parking on Fitzroy St, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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Jason White
Jason White signed this petition for more In depth information. 

To stop a dedicated year round bike lane on Fitzroy Street that will remove residents street parking, business parking and Holland College student parking.

To stop permanent barriers being erected on the street, to stop permanent removal of a lane of traffic on Fitzroy Street.

To stop an already tight street from becoming tighter and even more dangerous in the winter time and pushing parking into adjacent neighborhoods and streets.

Fitzroy Street is already one of the safest streets in Charlottetown to bike on and should not be heavily modified.

Residential parking, rights of those who live/work on the street and easy street access should not be trumped by a bike lane that will used very little and cost over 1 million dollars of tax payer money plus ongoing maintenance and enforcement costs.  

Charlottetown has many dangerous areas of the city that need to be addressed for cyclists, Fitzroy street is not one of them.