Unacceptable roading resurface - 27 Kopiko Road, Titirangi, Auckland

Unacceptable roading resurface - 27 Kopiko Road, Titirangi, Auckland

4 December 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Patrick Baker

We, the residents of Kopiko Road, Titirangi, Auckland submit a formal complaint regarding the repeated and continuous unacceptable quality of roadworks and maintenance repairs carried out on our road. 

The repair work is of consistent poor standard, with no apparent quality assurance protocols in place. Isolated thin layers of crushed stone, sprinkled into a surface of sprayed hot bitumen emulsion have created an unsightly and dangerous environment for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians alike.

Driveways leading into our properties, especially on the eastern side of the road (driving down from Kohu Road) are steep. This has resulted in some residents finding it challenging and downright dangerous to drive down their driveways or reverse park because of wheels slipping in the thick layer of loose stone thrown over the shoddy resurfacing repairs. 

Through traffic, including heavy vehicle traffic ignore the speed limit of 30 km/h and this has had a definite impact on residents walking children to school, walking up to the village or using the road during exercise.  Foot paths leading up from Kopiko Road to the local school and village are also hazardous and dangerous with no apparent maintenance, repair and replacement strategy in place. 

Link to photos of recently completed road repairs. 

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We would like the following answered under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) and actioned as a priority: 

1. Recent work carried out. Is this billable or a repair of previous shoddy repair work carried out? 

2. If billable, what is the cost to ratepayers? 

3. What is the Council's quality control processes for ensuring maintenance and repair on roadworks completed by Auckland Transport meets an acceptable standard?

The reasonable expectation is that the road be resealed and traffic calming and/or devices implemented to improve the safety and amenity of Kopiko Road road, residential area. It is also an expectation that quality control protocols be implemented to ensure any work is carried out to an acceptable standard.

We further formally request an onsite visit that includes our local member of Parliament, Dr Deborah Russell, a senior council representative and a senior Auckland Transport representative be arranged with all Kopiko residents, preferably over a weekend to ensure maximum resident representation.

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Signatures: 27Next goal: 50
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Decision makers

  • Dr Deborah Russell
  • Chief Executive of Auckland Transport - Shane Ellison
  • Major Phil Goff