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Don't make us get rid of our Pet Chickens.

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After having our two small, pet hens, Dunkin and Buttercup for over a year we are now being forced to get rid of them.  When we made the decision to bring these two girls home we did so after ensuring that we were following both the City of Clinton Ordinances and our Home Owner's Association (HOA) covenants.  Our covenants have no provisions for animals of any kind.  The City Ordinance says the following:

Sec. 14-35. Keeping fowl regulated. 
(a) No person shall keep more than two fowl such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, pigeons or guineas, except when 150 feet from any property line adjoining that on which the fowl are kept, or except by special permit issued by the city or designated agency of the city. 
(b) It shall be unlawful for the owner of such fowl to allow such fowl to roam outside the property of such owner, except carrier pigeons on training or racing flights. (Ord. of 2-4-2003, § 1-5)

Our two girls are neither allowed to roam free, nor is their coop and run dirty or foul smelling.  Also, because they are both hens they do not crow so they are not disturbing any of our neighbors.

They are not "just" chickens; they are part of our family. My husband is a Disabled Veteran that suffers from anxiety, and depression, and I also suffer from anxiety and depression. These chickens bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to our lives. We will often go out and sit with them while they scratch and eat the sweet clover and dandelions that we feed them. They have such a calming effect after a long, particularly stressful day and we will be lost without them.

Fast forward to today and we are being told by the Mayor and other city officials that they are revising the ordinances to be more specific and/or clear on this topic because they recognize they're flawed.  However, we will still be forced to get rid of our two sweet girls.

 Please, ask Mayor Fisher to reconsider his stance on Pet Chickens.  The city's ordinance is very clear about how many can be owned and what the regulations are.  Ask him to stand behind that and allow us to keep our little family together.

He can be contacted here:

REMEMBER: Be polite; not rude, nasty or threatening.   


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