Palm Bay - Vote to Setup a Sustainability Board and Commit to Clean Energy.

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It is imperative that Palm Bay starts to implement Sustainability practices that will help the city and its people overcome the changes coming due to climate change, energy costs, city growth and demand for natural resource. 

We have seen with Hurricane Irma and Maria the potential for catastrophic natural events that directly affect our cities and communities. Sustainable practices and a move towards clean energy is the only fight against those events. 

There are 3 pillars to Sustainability: Environmental, Financial and Social. 

*Environmental Pillar - put in practices that provide for clean water and clear air to the citizens of Palm Bay. This has a direct effect on the people, their health and well being.

*Financial - put in practices that provide for energy independence with using renewable energy. The cost of energy has increased year after year and it can be a large burden on a city budget. Moving towards renewable energy will actually free up money that can be used for other needs

*Social - Bring people together so all benefit from clean air, clean water, clean energy. There is also sustainability in food and natural resources that the people can enjoy. 

We ask that you vote to Set up a Sustainability board and commit to move towards clean energy.