Paychecks doubled and Respond Bonus doubled for EMS.

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Our good EMT's have a below average paycheck in our county here..
Our taxi drivers can easily get 100.000 for a night, because they get 8000 for a pickup and usually receives tips as well..

EMT's get 350 a paycheck and 1500 for a respond.
While most if not all EMT's are on active duty always when in the city, they don't get much time for doing other or second work to earn money to buy houses or cars..

So my suggestion to the Mayor's office is to give them a change which should be...

  • $500 paychecks. (current: $350)
  • $3000 respond bonus. (current: $1500)

Please sign this petetion, I've set a big enough goal for this to be realistic.