Propietarios de departamentos y/o casas en la Isla del Padre preocupados por su salud.

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Es momento de que los regiomontanos que hemos decidido tener nuestra inversion en la Isla del Padre nos expresemos ante el Condado de Cameron por nuestros derechos como propietarios y consumidores en la Isla del Padre, ya que nosotros somos una parte muy importante en la contribucion de impuestos.

Indeed, South Padre Island is a place where Mexicans, especially the people from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, have found a space to rest and enjoy our vacations, which is why some of us decided to invest in properties and with this, we have contributed to the payment of our taxes year after year, in the same way, we have expenses of water, electricity, gas services, among other private services that we have contracted with private companies, of which we also contribute with our taxes as well as in all the variable expenses that we have carried out on our visits to South Padre Island.

Thanks to this, Mexicans are a very important pillar on the Island that has maintained their safety, well-being, and development.

Due to the health contingency caused by "COVID-19", on March 21 of this year, the federal government of the United States of America issued a decree imposing restrictions on crossing international bridges by land and it is planned They reopen until May 19, however, the island is already open for anyone who travels by air to enjoy it, even if they do not own any apartment or house.

Now, the Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino gave the order to reopen the gates of South Padre Island, letting people from Valley Texas and elsewhere pass without any protection. However, these people are enjoying the South Padre Island and risking contaminating public spaces, streets, doors, shops, supermarkets, among other crowded places, while the Mexican owners of apartments and/or houses do not have access to it and when we get the access we will not be able to go because we will have the risk that it is completely contaminated.

With this petition we demand equality. We want Cameron County Judge to impose security measures for people who enter the island, that is, a filter at the entrance of the island so that people who do not have protection such as mouth guards and/or symptoms of the disease cannot enter. So when Mexican owners of apartments can enter the island they don’t have to risk their health.