Logan City Council - Say no to the Development Application for the proposed Mormon Church at 254 -264 California Creek Rd Cornubia Brisbane 4130

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This is an unsuitable development for the area and I strongly object to the above development on the basis that a place of worship especially what is called a Stake or any development of this size is not suitable in this environmentally sensitive and semi rural/residential area.Information from a local resident and I quote-“The proposed development is for a “Stake Centre”. This is very concerning. A Stake by definition is made up of a minimum of 5 wards / branches to a maximum of 16 wards / branches with an estimate of up to 5000 people. As well as a church it also provides 20 meeting / teaching rooms this clearly indicates to me that this is not just a place of worship it is also a place of business and administration.”The proposed monstrosity would change the face of Cornubia, for the worse, forever and have detrimental effects on local residents.These effects include but not limited to lifestyle, traffic, noise, environmental and potential negative impact on close-by residents property values. I was told on a number of occasions that a precedent had been set because of other places of worship. But these places of worship in the area have significantly smaller buildings and smaller parking areas and are more representative of the percentage of the surrounding general communities they serve. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would be well regarded by the local residents if the proposal were in the same capacity.Conservation Zone.The area is zoned Conservation Sub Area 6 and is part of the koala corridor and subject to a tree preservation order. The proposed site is home to such fauna as Rare Black Gloss Cockatoos, Ringtail Possums, Brushtail Possums, Koalas, Bandicoots, Water Dragons, Red Neck & Swamp Wallabies, Greater Gliders, Sugar, Squirrel, Feathertail gliders, Great Barred Frog (significant), Lace Monitors, Golden Orb Weaver, Richmond Birdwing Breeding (Vulnerable), Sword-grass brown Butterfly (Endangered), Native Bees and around 50 species of native birds including the rarely seen Powerful Owl.A local area conservationist has identified a number of rare and endangered species from personal experience and I quote from her email “Most of the wildlife in the area is nocturnal, so I am at a loss as to how the nocturnal wildlife can be assessed. There are between 10 & 15 Red Neck Wallabies that feed between 1
the 2 properties & mine ( Gavin Way). I have approx ½ dozen Bandicoots that I see every night. Plovers have numerous nesting sites on both properties. I see 4 to 6 Water Dragons Daily. I have seen 2 Great Gliders (Conservation Status - Significant Decline) on a regular basis that come from the adjacent properties”My wife, family and I moved here because Cornubia is a perfect blend of fauna, flora and development.Based on the information from local residents, an independent environmental assessment must be implemented to assess the impact on already dangerously depleted and vulnerable fauna and fauna numbers.Suggesting a nearly 2,000 sqm building area with approximately 350 car parking spaces is suitable in this area is ridiculous when other developments in the area are considered. Chisholm College, which serves at least half the surrounding community, has only around 120 car parking spaces. Riverlakes shopping centre with around 140 car parking spaces and the Cornubia Sports Complex with approximately 200 car parking spaces serves a larger percentage of the surrounding community.Objections to be addressed -The size of the building should be reduced from 2,000sqm to more accurately represent the percentage of the overall community that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints represents.The proposed height of the building (18m) is much greater than any other structure in the surrounding area and should be reduced. A towering steeple of 18m may be meaningful to the small percentage of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but it is nothing but an eyesore for the local residents that have to live with it on a daily basis. The car park is very close to the boundary, especially on the Gavin Way side. The overall building envelope size should be greatly reduced so that native trees and shrubs could be planted to screen the building visually and aid against the increase in ambient noise. The option of high security fences or soundproof barriers is unsuitable for the area. Considering the average local single story industrial buildings are usually no more than 6 metres a reduction of maximum height including steeple to no more than 8 metres should imposed.The indicated attendees of 1,000 people twice a year and 250 people 3 times on meeting days is not in line with the State Government Conservation Area. This volume of activity is more suited to industrial or commercial areas where there is no conflict of usage and no impact to local residents. These activities should be reduced in size to a much lower number. If approved there is nothing stopping the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from deciding meeting days are seven days a week and 1,000 people conferences are monthly, this needs to be addressed. Reduction in the number of car parking bays. The operating hours equate to 116 hours a week and should be reduced considerably. Excluding the few businesses operating 24 hours the proposed operating hours rivals all businesses and major and minor shopping centres in the area.2
California Creek road is not suitable for the size of development and traffic flow it will generate. If the proposal is approved there should be a caveat where the applicant is responsible for the total redevelopment of California Creek road from the roundabout at Kilkenny Street to the roundabout at Carbrook Road. This upgrade should include widening, new footpaths/ cycleway, and installation of turning lanes, a new roundabout at Gavin Way and include all curbing, lighting and drainage required. The number of school children who use the footpath will also dictate that a pedestrian crossing be installed at the Gavin Way roundabout. The speed limit would also need to be reduced to 50 km/h. If the application is approved, eventually these works would need to done and should not be left as a future expense to LOGAN CITY COUNCIL rate payers where the applicant represents only 0.58% of the communityThe effect of traffic jams with normal traffic volumes on California Creek road was evident with the installation of the new roundabout at Norman Drive and other recent works in the area. The proposed traffic volumes could easily cause much greater chaos. The residents that access their properties via Gaven Way and Norman Drive have no other access options and would be gridlocked. This is not just unfair to these residents but could be life threatening if an emergency situation developed such as a bushfire in the nearby Cornubia Forest.It should be noted that this is a biased report payed for by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and does not reflect the reality of the impact the traffic flow would have on the residents in the local area. Logan City Council and thereby the residents should be insisting on an independent and comprehensive Traffic Impact Assessment.The report makes reference about the proposed development to a “similar Church facility” on Compton Road, Karawatha. It should be noted that the referenced facility is not located directly in a residential area and is serviced by a modern four lane road with appropriate turning lanes in both directions that does not effect local residents directly. California Creek Road width, facilities and capacity is no match to Compton Road and is totally unsuitable for this magnitude of development.Noise Issues.The Acoustic Impact Assessment report is obviously done by professionals and is not easily comprehended by most residents. When one reads statements such as “the required acoustic ratings are likely to be achievable” and “is anticipated to be” it is difficult find that the report is a true indication of the noise generated or the impact it will have on close-by residents. The proposed noise barriers and a noise restricted area after 10:00pm indicate they know local residents will be affected from the noise the applicant will generate. The report only mentions 6 noise sensitive dwellings in Gavin Way. There is no mention of dwellings in Crystal Place, Pony Place, Gillian Street or California Creek road that would be equally affected.Section 9 of the reports starts with - The main noise sources associated with the use of the buildings would be congregational services, social functions and playing of basketball. 3
Objections to be addressed -I have seen no mention of the details of these social functions in the application. Facts such as how often, how many people, what type of event and what times need to be addressed? With the land area in the proposal there is plenty of room for outdoor events such as concerts, evangelical preaching or even firework displays, these social functions could easily exceed 1,000 people mentioned for the special conferences.It is known that CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS places of worship often have several basketball courts. While playing basketball is mentioned there is no provision in the application as to how many courts, whether they will be indoors or outdoors or where they will be located. A trip to Cornubia Sports complex on a Saturday would confirm the vast noise generated by this activity. This information needs to be known along with commitment to only social games without audiences or external public address systems.The proposed 2 and 2.5 metre noise barriers on Gavin Way would be an eyesore and change the ambience of the area for ever. The barriers do not address the noise residents to the north west of the area would have to endure. These residents can already hear slashing of these blocks. These barriers are not suited to the existing area development and have no place in an environmentally sensitive area.The report states one of the main sources of noise will be “Amplified music emissions”. If approved the building should be required have full acoustic insulation and double glazed windows. Amplified music emissions should only be allowed from inside this building. All mechanical plant such as air-conditioner units, backup generator or water pumps should be housed in appropriately constructed building to eliminate noise.I urge Council to reject this application due to the significant adverse impacts, listed above, on the residents of the surrounding community

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