Support Handshake.City urban container park in Bagg's Square!

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This petition letter is in support the Handshake.City proposal to lease space, develop and manage a revenue-generating urban container art park on a vacant former brownfield property (owned by Utica Urban Renewal) and located at 26-28 Whitesboro Street, in Bagg’s Square. 

In 2014, The Bagg’s Square Association worked with Cornell University and Rust2Green Utica to complete a neighborhood plan which included remediation (completed in 2017) of the Whitesboro Street site for use as a contemporary “container” art park and as the greenspace connector between East and West Bagg’s Square. Having a vibrant and activated destination with multiple flexible-use art and event spaces, trails and parking – to support existing local businesses, new entrepreneurs and special events - was identified as a priority.

The mission of Handshake.City aligns with and advances the plan:

to create a scalable, revenue-generating urban container park that will be a rich and dynamic visual, cultural & intellectual outdoor experience; to enhance the values of its vendors and neighbors by continuous improvement and development; to increase walkability among downtown districts; and to offer prime cultural, artistic & commercial events.

The Handshake.City project supports the County’s efforts at and around the Utica Memorial Auditorium and the Train Station; the City’s progress in Downtown and plans at Harbor Point; Rust2Green’s urban planning and creative placemaking activities; and, local entrepreneurs who are investing in housing and commercial improvements.

I am signing this petition to say “YES” to the Handshake.City proposal to lease space, develop and manage an urban container art park at 26-28 Whitesboro Street in Bagg’s Square.

It's the morale boost that Downtown desperately needs.

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