The Barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival Must Come to an End Once and For All

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Your help to ban global animal wet markets and illegal slaughterhouses now

A new petition from the Vanderpump Dog Foundation is aiming to try and shut down illegal slaughterhouses and animal wet markets. These markets are coming under increased scrutiny worldwide as countries around the globe work to address the COVID-19 pandemic. You can sign the petition here.

“Scientists tell us that keeping different animals in close, prolonged proximity with one another and with people creates an unhealthy environment, and that this is the probable source of the mutation that enabled COVID-19 to infect humans,” their petition reads. “To avoid future pandemics, we need a global effort to shut down and/or significantly regulate wet markets across the world.”

To sign this new petition to call for a global effort to address these animal wet markets and slaughterhouses, click here.

The Team
11 months ago