Stop The Felling of Status Trees

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This petition is to bring to the attention of Tower Hamlets that their actions fall well short of their responsibility for protecting the environment and meeting Government regulations. Following a catalogue of actions by them, it is time they undertook better management of the environment within their control and consulted the local community before taking irreversible decisions.

For example:

·         Community parks where private development has been given planning at a cost to the environment.

·         The felling of 22 mature trees in the Mile End Road which are a major loss to the environment.(The comment by Mayor Biggs, in which he stated “They are only cutting 22 trees; you would think it was 1,000 trees by the fuss” clearly shows his lack of understanding and responsibility towards the environment.)

·         Planning allowed the felling of protected trees, mature trees, and the uprooting of the Bethnal Green Mulberry tree (a 500 year-old-tree), the felling of 27 mature trees in the Bethnal Green Conservation area, thereby placing stress on the remainder of the trees in this area.(Tower Hamlets should learn from the good practices adopted by The London Borough of Newham.)

Latest News: Tower Hamlets Council has just approved the cutting down of a 500 year-old Mulberry tree in Bethnal Green for private gain. The loss of this ancient tree will create its own ecological impact. Tower Hamlets should be ashamed of itself.

·         When the London Borough of Tower Hamlets disbanded its Parks Department and was asked to reinstate it, the answer was “No”.

·         In a survey of all east London boroughs on the funding of parks and gardens, Tower Hamlets was at the bottom of the list. Mayor Biggs did not accept the findings. (He should look to The London Borough of Waltham Forest for best practice.)

·         When challenged about the spraying of herbicides to manage the parks, we were told that “Glyphosate is no more harmful than drinking a glass of orange juice, or taking an aspirin a day”. This is despite worldwide advice that this chemical is harmful to the environment. (Tower Hamlets should look at The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham for best practice.)

·         Reducing The Limehouse Triangle Nature reserve to a wasteland for development and the felling of 18 mature trees was not good for the environment.(Tower Hamlets should look at how The London Borough of Camden handled the Calthorpe Project for best practice.)

·         The 40 mature trees in Cable Street and Cannon Street Road which are under threat by Tower Hamlets to allow development at a cost to the environment.

·         The eight mature trees felled in Marsh Wall, presumably for more development at a cost to the environment.

All of the actions by Tower Hamlets go against the Government legislation of 2012 or the spirit of that legislation. Many more examples could be listed where Tower Hamlets has ignored its obligations to protect the environment for us all.With the rapidity of climate change, much more importance should be given by theLondon Borough of Tower Hamlets to protect our local environment and we hope that this petition will make them aware of this and take immediate action to improve their bad practices.

Please help us to do so by signing this Petition now.