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Save Beautiful Downtown Lehigh Iowa!!

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For those who don't know the 3 buildings above in this town are owned by an outside investor. For whatever reason they are being left to decay and are vacant. They are also for sale for 12,000 dollars. The community both past and present needs to step up and help save these buildings in Downtown Lehigh. This town has went from what was once a beautiful town to a half condemned looking ghost town on the river and there is no excuse for it. I know there are many people who are from here as well as still live here that care. But what is being done?? Its time to step up as a community and sign this petition and be part of the solution. Of course it will be hard and a lot of work but a deteriorating town only decreases property values and affects everyone who lives there. If nearby towns like Dayton can thrive then surely Lehigh with the beauty it has of the river should be booming! So please ask that everybody who is able sign this and get behind a solution before the decaying buildings are gone forever! Its not too late! If nothing changes nothing changes and this town is savable but the majority has to step up!!! There has to be people who care enough to do something!! WHO IS WITH ME???



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