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Stop Relocation of MTA towing operations from Pier 70 to Visitacion Valley!

We, the undersigned, concerned residents in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco and Supporters are OPPOSED to Item 10. 120904 - Real Property Lease - 2650 Bayshore Boulevard - Towed Car Operations and Other Transit Related Uses. The hearing was on October16th,2012. This is at the county line in Visitacion Valley!!:

关注和支持三藩市东南 我们在这里签名, 关注和支持三藩市东南 访谷区, 原因如下:
· There was NO public notice given about our chance to speak up on this issue, NO community input & NO transparency to residents, community groups, or businesses in Visitacion Valley and Little Hollywood about this 13 acre project. This was justifiable apparently because the property lies almost entirely in Daly City, *not* in San Francisco. Visitacion Valley will NO longer be the Dumping Ground !! As it stands now, a huge portion of the City’s towing business, contracted with Auto Return, is slated to relocate from its decades-old home at Pier 70, to the heart of the Visitacion Valley/Guadalupe Watershed at the former US Postal Service facility at 2650 Bayshore. Auto Return is a private company which stores about 1200 cars, holds weekly auctions, and would add thousands of new auto trips in and out of the valley each week, when current transportation problems have yet to be addressed!!!
News of this spread among neighbors after a chance discovery by a resident’s channel surfing past SFGovTV. It is unacceptable that the community was not engaged in this decision and we demand accountability from City government!! Why are we required to notice our neighbors if we add a deck to our house, but NO Visitacion Valley residents were notified about this significant and unexpected land use?!! This move is not only incongruous with both current transportation issues and and community planning efforts many years now in the making. The failures of City government to engage us--blatantly disregarding us in the process--are on full display as well, starting with our own Supervisor who sits on the Land Use and Economic Development Committee.
· One Supervisor voiced his opposition because it is fiscally imprudent to spend $70 million on a lease that binds San Francisco for 20 years, but eight San Francisco Supervisors voted to move Auto Return to our neighborhood!! WE MUST FIGHT, and it is right to object!!! On November 11, 2012, three representatives, two from MTA and one from Auto Return, were present at the Visitacion Valley Planning Alliance’s monthly meeting at the Vis Valley Branch of the Pulbic Library. They presented no significant benefits resulting from this move to either Visitacion Valley and Daly City. Any taxes generated by Auto Return flows through the DMV and does not stay local. This proposed relocation carries far too little economic benefit and far too many environmental consequences for our neighborhood to allow it to happen without a fight!! We must demand this issue be reopened for discussion!!!
· To date, community AND City efforts call for many thousands of units of housing clustered at this easternmost portion of the boundary between San Francisco and Daly City, whose planning has long envisioned--and is actively incorporating--green principles to knit together future neighborhoods and heal a region scarred by historical industrial, waste, and transportation uses. Residents are concerned, and rightly so, with prospects of noise, 24/7 operations, and additional contaminants in a neighborhood far too long carrying more than its share of the burden. The motives at play here overlook those living with the decisions being made, and we must question the economics fueling them. A 20 year lease for such an operation at this location is incongruous both with planning efforts as well as projects already underway: this proposed relocation of MTA tow car operations through Auto Return, without community participation, WILL have detrimental effects to our revitalizing efforts, represents UNACCEPTABLE governance, and must not be allowed to take place without community input!!
· Our American nation was envisioned to be a government of the people, for the people and by the people, and we expect our City officials to take those ideals seriously and model them to the rest of the country. While we are grateful to the three Supervisors who voted against this move, the lack of conversation with our community reflects shamefully on City government. This unwelcome operation will bring negative impacts to our neighborhoods and we can fight it! At the very least mitigations should be discussed but we demand a renegotiation of this matter, WITH the community at the table. The City MUST find a better solution to this issue!! Supervisor Cohen KNOWS this neighborhood would not have supported this move if community members had been notified of the plans, and she failed to represent this reality as a reflection of us as constituents to the Board of Supervisors. As a community we must demand a different outcome than that which has been arranged through our exclusion! Prevent this relocation!! Stop the relocation of Auto Return from Pier 70 to the Visitacion Valley/Guadalupe Watershed!!!

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