Reduce the chemical pollution of our water and land caused by harmful cleaning products.

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The students of John Abbott are surrounded by natural spaces in and around the college campus. This petition suggests that St-Anne continues or renews their sustainability plan concerning the municipality's waterways beyond 2020. One of the causes of water pollution is the harmful chemicals that are found in cleaning products. This petition also proposes that regular cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals should be replaced by more healthier and environmentally-friendly products. There has already been regulations put in place, however we should encourage the use of these green cleaning products in public places and facilities such as John Abbott College. 

Cleaning products that are sold in stores today will most likely contain harmful chemicals such as "volatile organic compounds" (VOCs). This group includes phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia, which are the three chemicals found in cleaning products that contribute to the most hazardous effects on the environment. You would think that these chemicals get removed by the waste treatment facilities, however these three chemicals stay in the water and end up back in the waterways. These can end up affecting the entirety of an ecosystem in a multitude of ways such as oxygen depletion in water, clogged waterways due to accelerated growth of vegetation,  death and decay of aquatic life, etc. The water becomes unsuitable for any use such as cooking, drinking, bathing etc.  Some of these chemicals can affect our quality of air and contribute to smog as well. Exposure to ammonia can cause serious health issues such as lung damage, blindness, and even death. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Formaldehyde are two other chemicals that are used in cleaning products which cause irritation to several parts of the body.