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Help save child care and after-school programs


More Than 47,000 Children Will Lose Child Care and After-School Programs
Come September, 47,000 NYC children will be cut from child care and after-school programs – programs that allow parents who work hard and pay taxes to keep their jobs while their children get the educational opportunities they need to succeed.
The Mayor’s plan to cut 47,000 child care and after-school slots, in addition to the 43,000 slots eliminated since 2009, marks a dramatic reversal of his Administration’s commitment to close the achievement gap and help level the playing field for disadvantaged children. This means:
Working parents will have to scramble to find safe places for their children, and many will not succeed. Our economy will suffer as working parents are forced out of their jobs.

Children who attend child care and after-school programs do better in school, are more likely to graduate, and have lower incidences of violence, drug-use and teen pregnancy. With these cuts, children will stop receiving the educational opportunities they need to succeed.

Child care centers will close, and after-school programs will shut down. Teachers, staff and providers will lose their jobs and local economies will be hurt, increasing New York’s dependence on unemployment and public assistance.

New York City’s subsidized child care and after-school systems have already lost over 43,000 slots since 2009. With the Mayor’s newest cuts, 90,000 children will have been denied these essential programs in five short years. Cutting more than 47,000 children from child care and after-school programs will strike a devastating blow to NYC’s children and working families. Our city’s future depends on being able to educate our children, and our economy can’t improve if working parents can’t keep their jobs.


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