Bring back the Freshwater Markets!

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The much-anticipated Freshwater NSW 2096 food and craft markets have just been cancelled before they’ve even begun due to complaints from a few local retailers.

The community demand that they are reinstated and proceed ahead as planned!!

The Northern Beaches Council had put out a tender for someone to run the proposed markets and the wonderful Cambridge markets group won the tender. They have a proven track record of running successful markets. You can sense the disappointment on their own website:

How do a few retailers have the power to cancel these markets when hundreds of locals have been pleading for them for so long?! Freshwater currently has no fresh food option, with the IGA closing down and the Frenchs Forest markets being forced to move up to Mona Vale due to the hospital development. 

We the community object to the retailer’s objections and the cancelling of the markets for the following reasons:

- Local markets have shown to boost foot-traffic and business to surrounding retailers, not take away from them. Just look at what Bondi or Glebe markets do for the rest of the town when they’re on.

- The location of the markets in the Oliver St. Carpark, is directly connected by a pathway to the Main Street of the Village. People will naturally walk to and from the markets via the other retailers. They’ll see an increase in foot-traffic and potential customers.

- Markets draw in lots of people out-lying suburbs and beyond if they become a destination. Outsiders coming to the markets would then likely explore the rest of Freshwater village with retailers benefitting from a whole new customer base. 

- Freshwater retailers are welcome to set up stalls of their own to showcase a selection of their products or use it to trial new products on customers to gain interest before ordering larger quantities for their stores. It would be a great chance for them to use it as an easy place to shift Sale stock, or run competitions and gather new customer’s emails as a result.

- Freshwater is generally a community of people who are active and healthy. They want to have access to organic fresh produce. They also care about the environment and sustainability. We want to shop local, seasonal, organic produce and we currently have nowhere to do this.

- Markets give local farmers, growers and makers a place to sell their produce and wares at a low cost. Therefore Markets support our broader community too - encouraging start-ups, creativity, entrepreneurship and small business.

- Freshwater Village is dying at the moment, with so many empty stores for lease all down one side owned by one landlord who hiked rents so high businesses can’t afford to stay. We have a giant empty building where a new supermarket was meant to go but hasn’t and a whole lot of construction going on along the other side. Markets would bring the community together and breathe life back into our village.

Please reinstate these markets. They were strongly wanted and everyone had the date marked in their diaries!