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Stop the arrests of Food for Life devotees collecting funds for Hare Krsna.

This petition was created in support of Food For Life of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast because the City of New Orleans
has passed an ordinance which prevents the devotees who work for Food For Life from effectively seeking donations for
the free meals that they provide to the community.

Food For Life, ISKCON, in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast provide free meals each week, and fresh fruit for students of a New Orleans primary school 2 days each week.

FFL Gulf Coast provides the community with 550 free meals per week, as well as an average of 2700 free cookies per

FFL New Orleans provides at least 500 meals per week, as well as fresh fruit for an average of 500 students at Henley Ford School 2 days per week.

A great deal of funding is provided for these meals through the devotees who seek donations in the French Quarter.

The City has passed an ordinance preventing the ISKCON devotees who collect money for Food For Life from effectivelycollecting.

You may read Municipal Ordinance Code 54-419 at

It targets the devotees in their efforts to obtain donations for the Food For Life program by putting major restrictionson them, such as not allowing them to collect donations within 20 feet from any intersection and by violating their free
speech rights through preventing them from asking someone for a donation in most cases.

Due to the ordinance, the police have threatened to arrest devotees who are seeking donations for the free meals that
ISKCON provides to the community.

Please sign this petition and make a quick call to Mayor Mitch Landrieu in support of Food For Life.
- Mayor's Office Phone: 504-658-4900, his facebook page:
- Kristin Palmer/District C Councilmember:
- Police Chief Serpas:

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  • Mayor of New Orleans
    Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans
  • Chief of NOPD
    Ronal Serpas
  • District C Councilmember
    Kristin Palmer

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