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Change Mississauga By-Laws; Save Mississauga Trees

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I have lived in Mississauga for many years but was unaware of Mississauga’s Tree By-Laws. I ‘assumed’ the City had environmentally focused tree protection by-laws, partly because I read The Toronto Star, which frequently does tree related stories and expected similar by-laws were in place in Mississauga.  This misconception was also fostered by the City’s 1,000,000 million tree initiative, an introduction of special tax levy to address/replant city trees due to ash borer disease, the Heritage Tree Program, and the City’s mission to “to drive environmental excellence”...  I was VERY wrong.

The house sold next door, and a once beautifully treed yard was clear-cut, not a single tree remains. Within a little over 2 years, 5 trees cut down including four healthy, 50 plus year old trees. Within the parameters of Mississauga’s incongruously named, Private Tree ‘Protection’ By-Law, this is completely acceptable. Two trees can be cut every calendar year, regardless of size/health and no replacement required. In the space of 367 days, six trees can be cut down, per property!

As the city’s biodiversity continues to deplete, let’s bring this issue to light in the Mississauga government. Trees are a community resource, not a privately owned commodity. They improve air quality, reduce energy costs, raise property values, provide wildlife habitat, and reduce storm water runoff… until they are cut down. As a community, a shift towards tree protection allows our resources to grow.

The City of Toronto's Private Tree By-Law regulates injury or removal of privately owned trees which measure 30 cm in diameter or more as measured at 1.4 m above ground level. This petition requests a change to current Mississauga by-laws, to protect trees on Private Property by mirroring Toronto’s successful regulatory approach through their Private Tree By-Law.

Change Mississauga bylaws; save Mississauga trees; protect our community now and for the future.


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