Stand With Black Students

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As children, we are supposed to be taught about integrity, courage, and overall to respect people of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. But how can we live by those principles If the people in power fail to address them. Schools have the resources, opportunity, and platform to intercept the evolving young minds of our generation. By choosing silence you are choosing the side of the oppressor. Doral Academy's lack of effort during these times have left its students feeling vulnerable, and their voices muffled. This is evident in the case of Dayan Jimenez. Dayan Jimenez, a Doral Academy student was filmed on school property, during class repeating a racial slur multiple times with no remorse. This has led many parents and students to question what really goes on in these 4 walls they send their children to year round. You send your child to the same place 9 months a year, 8 hours a day hoping that you're leaving them in good hands, hoping that, that institution is shaping and forming their mindsets into the strong young men and women of the the world, hoping that the place your child spends most of their time is doing everything in their power to teach them right from wrong, only to notice that that institution is shaping the next bystanders and bullies of the world. Nelson Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.", It starts here. It starts in the classrooms, this is where children need to be taught not just the fundamentals of the science books on their desks but the fundamentals of life. Children grow up and they take what's taught to them and run with it. Teaching Anti-Racism in our schools and holding all accountable is one step closer to a world where George Floyd would have made it home and Tamir Rice would have made it to his graduation date.