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Save Billy the Elephant!

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Dear Citizens!

PETA organisation, already known for killing pet animals in PETA's shelters, nowis is going for our elephant life! They want to remove "Billy" the elephant from the Los Angeles zoo to their "sanktuary". The truth is: they don't have any sanktuary! They have only same project, full of demagoguery rooted in the missandestanding of  animals life and biology. Billy can not live in virtual reality habitat, he needs a real home and professional people around to take care of him. PETA and "Elephant Guardians" will just kill Billy, like they do with cats and dogs in their  animal chelters!

Kill Billy is just one of first steps for PETA and Guardians program for closing Los Angeles zoos and the captive breeding of endangered species programs. Without captive breeding elephants will not exist in about 50 years, and there is not enough room for wild elephants in the world.

Biily's life in your hand!  Please, don't let PETA and Guardians kill Billy!  Don't let them shut the Los Angeles zoo, center of science,  reserche programs and education. 




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