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Save our Children from the Archway Gyratory spillover #n19air #n6air

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As part of the Archway Gyratory proposal, Transport for London (TfL) plans to close a right turn from St John's Way which will re-route two bus services and hospital-/north-bound A1 traffic into local roads serving the Archway Children's Centre, Girdlestone Estate and Whitehall Park Conservation Area. The above have several residential areas, playgrounds and a nursery/children's centre well-loved and well-used by many pregnant women and under-5s.

We, the undersigned, petition the Mayor of London, TfL and Islington Council to commence a pre-construction air quality survey in summer 2015, so that a better-informed decision can be made - not just based on journey minutes alone, but also the number of young lives saved from worsening pollution - year after year.

In particular, we call upon the Mayor and Islington Council to:

1) Allow volunteers to append diffusion tubes to lamp-posts at Vorley Road, Macdonald Road, St John's Way, Highgate Hill (lower part) and within Whitehall Park Conservation Area. This will be similar to what was achieved at the upper part of Highgate Hill (website:;

2) Convince TfL that the air quality survey results are a material concern in pre-construction reviews of the Archway Gyratory details (e.g. amending the current proposal so that no new bus routes are diverted into Vorley Road);

3) Urge TfL to meet the Archway Children's Centre Parents/Carers Group and other community groups from July 2015 and progressively beyond, to clarify and discuss improvements to the current gyratory proposal; and

4) Retain a right-turning route from St John's Way in the first year of the new road layout as part of the planned post-construction review, rather than ban it from the outset (based on traffic simulations alone). This will be a more accurate assessment and reduce abortive work, disruptions and costs in re-opening the right turn in future, when traffic and pollution spillover proves to be unsafe and unacceptable.

Details of the Archway Gyratory proposal can be found at:

Other queries can be sent to the petition organiser Kiat Phua at:

Thank you for taking action to address our concerns.


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