Save the Trees: Notting Hill Gate and Holland Park Avenue

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Save the trees on Holland Park Avenue and Notting Hill Gate. Transport for London want to cut down multiple historic trees in a heavily congested area where they are desperately needed to defend against the relentless pollution. Three billion trees must be planted by 2050 to end Britain's contribution to global warming, yet TFL seem to want to take steps in the opposite direction, in their proposal to cut down 19 trees.

Transport for London will be putting cyclists lives at risk to introduce a new cycle lane in this traffic-heavy area, chopping down trees to accommodate it. While cycle lanes are undoubtedly crucial to reduce carbon footprint, it is vital that they do not come at an environmental cost. TFL's cavalier, careless attitude towards the loss of almost twenty mature trees demonstrates that their primary concern is not the environment, revealing their project to be nothing more than a box-ticking strategy to appear more environmentally-friendly.