Petition to remove Amy Lamé as Night Czar, and the role to be re-evaluated.

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Update from phone call with Amy Lamé this afternoon!

Hi All,

I have had a very positive phone call with Amy just now, who, as I had no doubt about is definitely passionate about London's nightlife - and who is keen to keep this conversation moving forward in order to help her to help us.

The two immediate outcomes I'd like to achieve are:

Event Suppliers
Formation of a London-centric association, to participate in an urgent roundtable / conversation about the overall lack of targeted Covid support, or exclusion from Government schemes, as well as the discrepancies in support from Local Authorities.
Ongoing dialogue with City Hall would likely prove beneficial in general, as our Industry is going to be one of the slowest to recover.

Dance Music and Festivals
Roundtable / commission to feed into Amy and the London Cultural Leadership Board about dance music and festival related issues in London.  
I feel that this sector is under-represented; and I would love an established member of these scenes to head this up with me.
Ideally this would involve promoters, venue managers etc. 

My aim is that both of these things will outline issues and push for an increase in lobbying for Covid related issues, but the ideal situation would be that these were maintained going forward.

If you would like to be involved, please contact me on:

Joe Haycocks
3 months ago