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Make South Oxhey part of London Borough of Hillingdon

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Making South Oxhey part of London Borough of Hillingdon or even part of Northwood would bring huge benefits to the area and the people of South Oxhey. Firstly it will introduce better and new facilities to the area. Better transport to and from South Oxhey. People will want to move to South Oxhey as it would be part of Greater London, even areas no part of greater London have London buses such as the bus route of 142 and  258 therefore as South Oxhey is close to London it would mean that the bus routes of 142, 258, 331, H11 and 282 could serve for South Oxhey as well, even if it is only two stops, Carpenders Park station Bus stop and another one in Prestwick road. London is facing a shortage of housing and South Oxhey has lots of land and housing available for the increasing population of London. Council tax is lower in London Borough Of Hillingdon so it will benefit residents as the council tax of Three rivers is too high and no good facilities are in place, Do you want high council tax so that no facilities are put in place and that it doesn't benefit the area or yourself, I don't think so. South Oxhey would be known for good things and not for bad things. Businesses and companies will want to settle to South Oxhey as it would be part of London and is in between Northwood and Watford, which are the two most busiest towns near South Oxhey. Currently the bus service of Arriva bus route number 8 is not currently correct as it goes through some roads which are not suitable for large buses such as Gosforth Lane and Fairfield Avenue but Arriva does not care and refuses to change, also fares are too high and the buses sometimes do not even turn up, unlike the London buses they are cheaper and are always on time. South Oxhey should not have any crime and it should have more policing  to make South Oxhey a safer place to live and visit, and what is more astonishing is that they turned off the street lights after midnight so there is even more crime than ever before and more policing is needed urgently as there have been 7 burglaries and an attempted burglary in two weeks and not a single person has been arrested it just goes to show that Hertfordshire constabulary is just rubbish compared to what you would get in London Borough of Hillingdon which is the Metropolitan police which do arrest people and restore peoples lives to peace, while doing justice. Also Three rivers district has no money to continue with the South Oxhey initiative so they cannot even do simple things in South Oxhey such as repairing potholes,this is not right and should not go on. London Borough of Hillingdon is financially stable and they could continue with the South Oxhey initiative, they could even improve plans and make it better.  South Oxhey needs to be heard and the people living in south Oxhey want this change so we must change it now!

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