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London To Leave The UK (and join the EU)

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In light of the recent results in the Brexit vote, the naive decision of a conservative government to host a referendum on an issue the general public are too uneducated to comment on and a plummeting pound sterling, I am formally requesting that the area of Greater London secede from the UK and rejoin the EU as a seperate sovereign state.

London has been shackled by the rest of the UK for too long, with a population of 8.5 million (only 12.5% of the UK population), we generate over 22% of the UK's GDP. This leaves London's economical output similar to that of Sweden, a country with fantastic financial security, women and most importantly one we can be like if we choose to leave. London, the SIXTH largest economy in Europe, can form productive ties with the largest economy in Europe, Germany, for future growth and stability. This enterprising city-state idea, first introduced by the Singaporeans, has proven to be a huge success and seen only positives.

We would no longer have to contribute to the falling UK, with investments such as HS2 no longer necessary, we can use the money to overhaul the NHS, creating new hospitals, better facilities, shorter wait times and most importantly, free and unlimited service to all.

With a median age 34 vs 40 in the rest of the UK, Londoners are fitter and more able to work to guarantee the success of a separate sovereign state. The population of London is more liberal, more socialist and wholeheartedly supports the NHS. The unemployment rate is consistently lower in London than in the UK and London leaving the UK and joining the EU can only create more jobs. We are not without our issues in the workforce. The gender pay gap in London is at 13% but compared to the UK at 19%, we are progressive and moving in the right direction. Free from the shackles of the UK, we can continue to support feminism and equality til there is no gap.

With a more educated society (58% vs 38% graduates in working age population), we can move faster to tackle ignorant and, often long-lasting, generalisations about people and communities such as Islam and migrants, both who have offered so much to the city.

So why do we need the EU?

First and foremost, trade. London exports 92 Billion worth of products every year with much of that going to the EU. Rejoining the free markets allows us to trade easily and cheaply. The EU also trades a lot with London, free from the shackles of the UK, we can trade for better made products at cheaper prices.

Culture. With a near 50% white British population, London benefits from a vast variety of migrants who not only bring in over 20 billion in taxes but also culture, authentic patisseries and French women.

Free movement. With those in London typically earning 40% more than those in the UK, we can often afford regular 9.99 flights from anyone of our 4 London airports (Southend does not count as a London airport) to visit some of the up and coming cities of Europe. 

Campaigning to follow the further explain these points.

Please support this with your heads and hearts. Together we can build a better future for ourselves.


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