Private Rented Student Accommodation in Liverpool to be halved for final term instalments

Private Rented Student Accommodation in Liverpool to be halved for final term instalments

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Caitriona Cairns
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As a lead representative of Liverpool Hope Students’ Union and in collaboration with all 3 Students’ Union across Liverpool, it is our duty to amplify the concerns of our student community and ensure their voices are heard at a time of national crisis and uncertainty.
Chief amongst student concerns at present is the issue of accommodation rent payments and the uncertainty presented to students due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Government travel restrictions.

Across the country, following University and Government advice, students have been returning home – both for their personal safety and as requested in the national interest. In following such guidance, students now face increasing uncertainty as to where they stand in relation to their

As the union of students, we are calling on Liverpool Council and Landlords across Liverpool to offer the option of halving the final rent payment and/or to release to students that are currently locked into contracts. During the summer months where properties are uninhabited, landlords commonly offer half months rent each month to reflect the unused gas, electricity in water during that time. We want this same principle applied now. Where full rent has already been taken for the upcoming period, we request that this should be refunded alongside their deposit. We are facing a global crisis and the early departure of students is through no fault of their own. We respect that the current model of student accommodation does not take into account the complexities of our national crisis – but the shock should not be absorbed by students.

In writing this letter, we are speaking on behalf of the thousands of students across Liverpool. Student anxiety is at an all-time high and I would hope you would do everything in your power to address these concerns.