No more Roundup systemic herbicide in public places.

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Iris Borgers
Iris Borgers signed this petition

Roundup is a very dangerous chemical, a known carcinogen - what can be done to stop this being used?  I feel very strongly about the use of Glyphosate pesticides. Today I learned that Mayow Park and all public spaces in Lewisham are being sprayed with Glyphosate (trademark "Roundup"). I am a frequent visitor to Mayow Park and seeing a masked and goggled man spraying Glyphosate in the park was shocking.
Despite the claims by Monsanto that Glyphosate is safe, there is growing evidence that it attacks the millions of bacteria in our bodies that help keep us healthy and further evidence that it plays a part in the growth of chronic contemporary diseases: Alzheimers, Obesity, Depression and cancer.