Investigate The Holiday Inn Homekey Proposal

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We as citizens of La Mesa need a full inquiry of what happened regarding the Holiday Inn Homekey grant application process!

We demand an investigation into whether there were any ethical or legal violations, in order for us to regain trust in our city council and staff and to provide a full accounting to the citizens of La Mesa. Besides possible legal and ethical violations, the way this process played out also meant that the city did not have an opportunity to create a project that worked for the community, city, and county - and the subsequent tangible real-loss of a possible $30+ million infusion into La Mesa...

The investigation should include full disclosure of any communication between Affirmed Housing, and/or the hotel owners, and/or the County and/or any La Mesa elected representatives, volunteer or paid city staff, and/or Circulate San Diego. Starting with public documents request from the city and the county.

Questions that need to be answered through investigation:

If the hotel was not for sale, how did Affirmed Housing come to select the Holiday Inn?

Did any elected officials or city staff have contact with the hotel owners?

When did Colin Parent first speak with Affirmed Housing about this project?

Did Colin Parent contact Affirmed Housing or was it the other way around?

What financial ties exist between Affirmed Housing and Colin Parent or Circulate San Diego?

What ties are there between Colin Parents’ election campaigns and Circulate San Diego?

Did Colin Parent in sending an email to the county in support without approval from the council consist of an ethical or legal violation?

Did Colion Parent conduct city business with Affirmed Housing over private and/or non-city email, and is this a violation of records-keeping laws?

Was there any quid-pro-quo between Colin Parent and Affirmed Housing or Circulate San Diego?

Did Affirmed Housing commit perjury when presenting to the city council during their special meeting?

How did the City Manager learn about this project?

When did the City Manager know about this project?

What exactly did the City Manager know?

Did any other elected officials or city staff know about this project and when?

Why was no information made available to the public?

Why was the homeless task force not involved?

Why was no information provided between our elected officials and city staff or via-versa?

And, if any ethical or legal violations are found the investigation must expand to all other votes involving the violating parties and those they have a prior relationship with.