Save the Shaull property for conservation and migratory birds!

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[Check for updates at Save 267 Trees website]  Sign the petition below addressed to the Mayor of Gresham and City Council members. Help us preserve the last unprotected habitat at Grant Butte Wetlands near Portland, Oregon. We hope to see the site turned into a nature park so it can continue to provide migratory sanctuary for thousands of birds.


A pending development threatens the forested site next to Southwest Community Park, the former home of the deceased Helen Shaull. Mrs. Shaull wrote in her will that she wanted her environmentally-sensitive property to be protected.  

However, the property was sold to SGS Development, and plans were made for housing development. 267 trees are planned to be cut down, and construction will be occurring next to wetlands that are a habitat conservation area. At the time of this writing, plans are moving forward.

Where is the Shaull property?

The Shaull property address is 3535 W. Powell Blvd. It is a little less than 8 acres, but combined with the adjacent Southwest Park, the protected area would be over 40 acres. See a map at

Why is this important?

The site includes mature forest and wetland habitats, and it is a migratory sanctuary for thousands of birds including the American Bittern, Blue Heron, Green Heron, Bald Eagle, and Red-tailed Hawk. It is the last relatively intact and unprotected habitat of the larger Grant Butte Wetlands natural area.

The possible solution

The City of Gresham, Portland Metro, and East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District could potentially buy the Shaull acreage to protect it as a natural area. They must be encouraged to do so.