Please Help to Have Our Leaders Deny Request to Sever the Late E.W ("DOC") Baker's Land

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I am reaching out to the Community to help support my cause of not severing the property known to everyone as 334446 Concession 5 lot: S PT lot 11 parcel # 10870SST Hwy 11, Englehart, ON (Evanturel Twp.) This particular property is known to me as my childhood home. This place holds many happy and sentimental memories to me and it is an important part of The Community. My grandparents were the first to live there in 1935 and together they built a town taxi service for residents and later went on to open the first veterinary clinic to help residents with sick and injured livestock and pets. This was a much needed service to the residents of Englehart and area. Many times he would work for free or for a little fee or trade for a chicken or carton of eggs for there was little money then.. He would always trust and cared for his fellow community members, so sometimes a handshake and a promise to pay it forward would be enough for him. So please let the time be now to pay it forward.  

His land is passed by on a regular basis and many wonderful memories come to Englehart's residents mind. Fond memories, many great stories and positive experiences are associated with this property. Not only does it remind us of our Cultural Heritage but the properties dense and deciduous forest, long standing trees (some over 84 years old)provides home, food and shelter for many species of wildlife. Deer depend on this area for once they visit for shelter through winter months it establishes a traditional use area.  The coniferous trees that are on located on the property provides critical survival areas for the deer in severe winter weather. I believe this property is a significant wildlife habitat and any interference would harm much of the wildlife in the area. We need to conserve their food source, their home, Englehart's People & History and our memories! Englehart' slogan is "The Little Town with The Big Heart" let us be proud and prove this is TRUE!