Get MC DEVVO His Job Back

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Many of us grew up watching MC Devvo spitting bars about his hometown of Doncaster, videos which first originated back in 2005 and made Devvo one of the first ever viral superstars. 

Even though Devvo rapped about doing drugs, having sex with underage girls and beating up his girlfriend, this is all quite clearly satirical and was proven so a long time ago. 

Therefore we think that it's highly unfair that Devvo - real name Christian Webb - was recently fired from his job as a primary school teacher at King Edward's School, Doncaster. By all accounts he was 'brilliant' at his job. 

We believe that Webb's alter ego Devvo shouldn't affect his employment as a teacher, especially as he hasn't actively made any new content as Devvo for the past few years as he's pursued his career as a teacher. It's highly unfair that 'mistakes' from his past have affected his job and that those in charge have deemed it necessary to terminate his employment for something that he did years ago. 

Sign this petition if you agree with us and we will present it to King Edward's School and the Mayor of Doncaster.