Improve Bike Lanes In Corpus Christi, Texas

Improve Bike Lanes In Corpus Christi, Texas

September 29, 2021
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Paulette M. Guajardo (Mayor of Corpus Christi) and 9 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shirin Delsooz

 Corpus Christi is in dire need of safe bike lanes that include a physical barrier separating vehicular traffic. We need protected bike lanes. Why?

- Corpus Christi was recently ranked one of the worst cities to cycle in America at #159. (

- Our most vulnerable members of society rely on bikes as a mode of transportation, children, the homeless, people who have lost their license or simply cannot afford a car.

- Most bike paths do not follow the Federal Highway Administration’s design guides. (see here: 

Bike paths benefit everyone in society:

✓ Reduce automobile congestion. 

✓ Proven to benefit the local economy.

✓ Good for health.

✓ Good for the environment.

We need to build more bike paths that have a clear physical separation from the roads, smoothly paved and not shared with pedestrians. 

The new bike paths on Alameda, Ralston and Corona do not count because the bike lanes are interrupted each block with a swerve for merging onto a pedestrian way’s ramp. Also, the gaps between concrete slabs make for a bumpy ride. They were designed for pedestrians, not wheels. Car lanes are not paved like that, so why have this indignity on the bike lanes? 

This could be the perfect city for cycling! It is sunny and the land is generally flat. Sign this petition and let the decision makers in the city need to know how to address the needs of the cycling community.

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Signatures: 1,076Next Goal: 1,500
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Decision Makers

  • Paulette M. GuajardoMayor of Corpus Christi
  • Michael T. HunterCouncil Member At-Large
  • Jim KleinCouncil Member At-Large
  • Mike PusleyCouncil Member At-Large
  • Everett RoyCouncil Member District 1