To the City of Cleveland: #WeWantToLearn #DigitalDivide

To the City of Cleveland: #WeWantToLearn #DigitalDivide

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EYEJ Youth Council ❤️ started this petition to CEO of Cleveland Metropolitan School District Eric Gordon and

We cannot charge the future, if we are not plugged into the present.” ~ Chantal Brown (Empowering Youth Exploring Justice Youth Council Advisor)

The Empowering Youth Exploring Justice Youth Council is a group of youth (ages 15 - 25) that are taught to make an impact by creating policy, social policy, programming, and raising awareness around social justice topics that can help #EMPOWER youth in a dynamic way. This summer the Youth Council is shifting its focus to the topic of digital connectivity.

We are DEMANDING access to broadband internet for all people of Cleveland and e-learning devices for all Cleveland youth by Fall 2020!

Due to CMSD schools starting September 8th and being 9 weeks online, it is crucial for the City of Cleveland to be connected with the world, and the only way of doing this is via internet access!

Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD) includes 38,000 students in 27,000 families. According to CMSD Superintendent Eric Gordon, an astounding 40% of those families do NOT have access to broadband internet. Additionally, two-thirds of the children in CMSD do NOT have appropriate e-learning devices.

Not only does connectivity matter for the struggling individuals entering the job market during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but it also impacts the following:

  1. Education: students (k-12) are deprived of resources that provide education such as Chromebooks, and online Zoom classes.
  2. Heroin Epidemic: education, rehab appointments, and other online resources are not available to those in need.
  3. Mental Health: veterans can not book appointments for therapy and students do not have access to resources for help.
  4. Major Health-related Problems: access to telemedicine services (WebMD, Physician contacts) are not available.
  5. Public Transportation: Lack of access to information about routes and times.
  6. COVID-19 Pandemic: Uncertainty with mandates and the future of society

The Empowering Youth Exploring Justice (EYEJ) Youth Council and the Northeast Ohio Connectivity Taskforce are working to accomplish the following:

  1. Assist in achieving broadband accessibility and internet connectivity throughout the City of Cleveland and Inner Ring Suburbs for families and youth.
  2. Fill the connectivity gaps between rural and urban areas in order to avoid the digital divide.

EYEJ Youth Council Story: “I had a dial up internet until I was 12 years old because I begged my parents to get Wi-Fi. I felt left out in school - both socially and academically- because I didn't have Wi-Fi or a phone. It took me 3 years of saving money to get my first cell phone. Now, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our family had to upgrade and pay more for Wi-Fi to support my classes. Connectivity is integral because people need to be able to work and support themselves from home as the world becomes more digital based!” ~ Mallory Wilks (Youth Council Advisor and Student at Cleveland Institute of Art)

With your help, we can SAVE thousands of people from being disconnected from the world in a time where the internet is a NECESSITY!

Call to Action: To the City of Cleveland: #WeWantToLearn! Please consider signing this petition and sharing it with your friends! #EYEJYouthSpeaks #WeWantToLearn #EMPOWER

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!