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Don't Send The National Guard To Chicago, Make The Police Do Their Job

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Surrounding the death of 9yr old Tyshawn Lee, there has been a petition filed by a Christine Shipman of Clarksville, TN.  The petition requesting the National Guard be deployed in Chicago to assist with the current state of gun violence is highly disastrous.

Before her petition is heard let me add that Chicagoan's can speak for themselves, and if petitions are took they should only be valid coming from residents, as opposed to resident's of another state, who wouldn't be effected by a city being policed by military units.

Though, Chicago is experiencing record levels of gun violence and homicides on a regular bases, this is due to the availability of guns on the streets. At the same rate that minors are being hurt or killed in the street, there's also an increase in minors having access to guns, gang activity, and a lack of social and educational services to help families in poorer communities. Bringing in the National Guard will not result in a decrease in crime rates; it will create more violence, panic, and oppression at a time when the citizens already have very little trust in their cities law enforcement. Bringing in the National Guard not only will effect those who are doing crime, but it will significantly effect normal law abiding residents; punishing the city for the failure of it's law enforcement. This is to close to Martial Law. Rather than turning Chicago into a police state, The Governor, Mayor and Superintendent of The Chicago Police Dept. should work together on devising a strategy for police reform; educating officers on prioritizing their work load to insure that officers are where the citizens need them the most to protect and serve. The city doesn't need more officer's, we need the officer's to do more. The people shouldn't fear those who are meant to protect them, but yet they do. Officers need to become more involved in the communities struggle's to show that they are their to protect and not just harass.

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