We Petition the Mayor of Calgary and City Council to Honour Commitments made to Midfield Mobile Home Park homeowners and residents.

I was banished out of Midfield I ended up in small town no where, far from my HOME, to save my ass from the merciless destruction. The screw off money I received had to all go back into repairs as the electrical was blown, plumbing destroyed, etc etc and there was fencing, skirting and a million other things after the disasterous move my house had to undergo. I will NEVER forget being thrown out of my home town of 55 years nor will I forget how the seniors had their properties and dignities stripped from them for pennies on the dollar, in the middle of a housing crisis, without mercy or compassion all for greed and the love of money. Screw you city of Calgary gangsters that run city hall. I see this petition is now closed and the poor souls still left in Midfield are still prisoners kept in the iron fist of corruption and heartlessness. This will all come back to bite you in the end.

Nancy Smith, Medicine Hat, Canada
5 years ago
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