We Petition the Mayor of Calgary and City Council to Honour Commitments made to Midfield Mobile Home Park homeowners and residents.

It's blatantly obvious the city is destroying this affordable inner city community so it can build higher density higher income housing so they can collect more tax money. The fact that the city is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure there and is using lack of maintenance to justify this robbery is disgusting. Going back on it's promise to provide a new location for these folks to go to is reprehensible. Their commitment to affordable housing is non-existent, in direct opposition to their "dedication" to developers who have free reign to do what they will for the sake of profit, existing communities be damned (i.e. how many golf courses in Calgary have been sold to them lately)? You are mercilessly kicking out vulnerable people and forcing them out of their community where they feel a sense of belonging and have services nearby that don't require a car. As someone who lives in the nearby community, I do not look forward to the loss of this community of wonderful people, only to be replaced by overpriced condos, exponentially increased traffic and probably higher taxes, even though the whole point of this is to get more upper income taxpayers in a smaller area. Infuriating on so many levels, heartless on so many more.

Kim DeCorby, Calgary, Canada
5 years ago
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