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Return the two dogs to the homeless woman in Dorobanti-Bucharest. Romanian authorities allow homeless people to have companion animals, like in all civilized countries in the world.

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The way Romania treats the most vulnerable living beings is well know.

Untortunately in Romania , it appears that the homless people DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to have dogs. There are many homeless people in Romania and many children living on the streets. MANY of them have dogs. Recently, two beautiful dogs , healthy, friendly, well taken care off , belonging to a homeless woman have been taken from her by Bancescu's dog catchers...The law says that all dog owners have until March 14 to microchip and register their dogs. This woman and her dogs lived in Dorobanti ( neighborhood in Bucharest ) for years and years and years....) now all of a sudden Bancescu and Oprescu decided that NO, HOMELESS PEOPLE have not the right to have pets,Romania is probably the ONLY country in the civilized world to have such a SADISTIC attitude towards the less fortunate. Please send the letter included in the infor of the photo...PLEASE...Thank you.

In attention of Mr. Sorin Oprescu - General Mayor of Bucharest

Mr. Mayor,
We are OUTRAGED about that fact that Homeless people in Romania, and especially in Bucharest are NOT ALLOWED to have dogs. Romania is probably the ONLY country in the world which BANS homeless people to have dogs.
Suntem oripilati de faptul ca in Romania , si mai ales in Bucuresti, oamenii strazii nu au voie sa aiba caini. Romania este , mai mult ca sigur, singura tara din lume, care INTERZICE oamenilor strazii sa aiba caini

We learned that Bancescu's dog catchers took the two dogs belonging to a homeless woman who live in Dorobanti neighborhood for YEARS> Two wonderful, kind, gentle, quiet and well taken care of dogs. We also know that all dogs owners have until March 2014 to register their dogs. We also know that these dogs where NOT abandoned, nor where they stray dogs...THEY BELONG to someone, yet Mr. Bancescu decided to TAKE HER DOGS AWAY FROM HER...This is A DISGRACE, homeless people DO HAVE RIGHTS< and he has NO right to do this.

AM aflat ca hingherii Dlui Bancescu au luat doi caini care apartin unei femei astrazii din cartierul Dorobanti. Doi caini frumosi, cuminti, bine ingrijiti, care nu au facut rau niciodata, prietenosi. Stim ca legile si normele prevad ca pana la 1 Martie 2014 toti detinatorii de caini sa isi inregistreze animalele. Acesti caini nu sunt caini abandonati, nu sunt ai nimanui...apartin unui om care traieste pe strada.Acesti caini traiesc laga stapanul LOR,, si totusi dl.Bancescu a hotarat sa-i ia cainii...este desgustator ce a facut... Oamenii strazii au si ei dreptul sa traiasca unde vor...
Please tell Bancescu to give her, the dogs back. NOW 
Va rugam sa-i spuneti lui Bancescu sa-i dea cainii inapoi ACUM...
What he has done is HORRIBLE ABUSE of poor people, and this is SHAMEFUL.
Only in Romania homless people are not allowed to have dogs. These dogs must only be registered on their names like in ALL CIVILIZED COUNTRIES in the world.
This is beyond BARBARIC. WHy are you to decide where should people live in order to have the right to have dog ? If people want to leave in a tent , this is their HUMAN RIGHTS and everyone is entitled to have dogs !
Even the Pope Francisc invited for the breakfest on his Birthday homeless people in Romna, one of them has a dog...and they have been all invited INSIDE< including the dog.

Numai in Romania oamenii strazii NU AU DREPTUL sa aiba caini. Trebuie doar sa fie inregistrati pe numele lor ca in TOATE TARILE CIVILIZATE DIN LUME, sa fie sterilizati, vaccinati si sa aiba carnet de sanatate. 
Aceasta actiune este dincolo de barbarica. Cine va da dreptul sa hotarati unde trebuie sa traiasca oamenii ca sa poata avea caini ? Dacacineva doreste sa traiasca intr-un cort , este un drept universal si orice om are dreptul sa aiba animale de companie.

Romania, again and again and again. SHAME ON YOU
Romania, din nou si din nou si din nou. RUSINE.

Thank you 
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