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Mayor of Botosani: Stop your evil plans of killing all stray dogs!

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Do you remember the case of Botosani, Romania where over 230 dogs were killed at once at the public shelter? This happened in May 2011.

And now, one and a half years later, something similar is happening again. This is a scandal!

In the news:

The Mayor of Botosani has ordered a doghunting company from Constanta, a Romanian town about 500 kilometres away from Botosani to catch all stray dogs in town. This has happened Nov. 19th, 2012.
The trucks with the dogs inside could be stopped by the Romanian animal welfare organization ADOR and the police. Inside the trucks, they found hundreds of dogs, puppies, old dogs and even dogs with earmarks and collars.
The Mayor of Botosani, Ovidiu Portariuc, claims this to be a pilot project while the doghunting company from Constanta, named SC Puppy Vet SRL, has the order to catch the dogs and find new homes for them.

Contract between Botosani City Hall and SC Puppy Vet SRL:


BUT, this plan is not showing the true motivation of these actions.

Ovidiu Portariuc promised the public to solve the stray dog problem in Botosani within one year, And now he needs to find a fast solution and get rid of the dogs.
The hired company that was sent to catch the dogs in Botosani also has a service contract with the Cityhall of Constanta worth over 900.000 EUR.
Where are all the dogs in Constanta? They all vanished?! And none of them found a new and loving home at least not on this side of the rainbow.
The City of Constanta and the Mayor are also known for killing hundreds, thousands of dogs each year and they are supported by the same company SC Puppy Vet SRL. In 2010 it was Alfmob that caught and killed all the dogs.

Besides that the act of killing dogs that are not ill, is against the Constitution, against the European Convention for Pet Animals and against the Lisbon Treaty, the Mayor of Botosani responsible for these actions also mistreated the law by not following several more points:

1) The dogs caught were not only stray dogs but also dogs that have had owners.
2) The dogs transportation must have sanitary and veterinary authorization, the transport must be done providing food and water and separate the dogs in cages. All dogs must be vaccinated for not taking the risk of spreading diseases from one zone to another (law HG 984/2005, HG 30/2008 and 227/2007)
These points cannot be applied to the transport recently taking part in Botosani
3) Caught dogs should stay in the city pound at least three days from the moment they were captured so that they have a chance to be found by their owners. (law 205/2004 and 9/2008)
4) Member states of the European Union should regard that animals are sentient beings and pay full regard to the welfare requirements of those animals.

The Mayor of Botosani has given a deadline now to find new homes for the dogs that are already caught (about 70) and those who are still on the streets (almost 1000 dogs) within the next few days. After that they will most likely to be killed and the “pilot project” will resume.

Please help the dogs in Romania!

Mayor of Botosani: Stop the planned killing of the dogs and implement a local "catch-neuter-and return" program instead that is the only solution for a responsible stray dog management!


If you can help with a donation or a foster home, please contact ADOR:!/AsociatiaAdor?fref=ts

Please take more actions and write to the Members of the European Parliament by joining the following Facebook events:

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Thank you


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