Reconsider car parking restrictions on Aylesbury road

Reconsider car parking restrictions on Aylesbury road

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Prab M started this petition to Newham Ward councillor

Residents of Aylesbury road have recently discovered there are construction plans to modify a bus stop in the area. There has been no prior communication or notice to local residents.

Locals feel the change is unnecessary and will create more problems than it resolves. This petition has been created to request reconsideration of said changes.

Proposed Change by councillors
The proposed change is to raise the curb area for the bus stop outside number 28 Aylesbury road (near the entry to Hatfield Crescent) to improve accessibility access for buses and turn the area into a no parking zone during operating hours. Whilst this sounds positive, it has a number of negative implications to residents in the area, such as reduced parking, further congestion and reduced access for family and friends.

Issues: Limited parking
Currently the area is already limited with parking, implementing a new restricted no parking zone will force cars to park elsewhere along the road, causing even more congestion. Parking further away from residents houses will cause issues for visiting family and friends with disabilities, making it even harder for accessibility.

Improving ones accessibility should not disable many others.

Plenty of bus stops
There are already ample bus stops on Aylesbury road which are all in close proximity. A number of these already provide disabled access. There are 10 bus stops in less than half a mile (including the bus stops on Wendover drive which are the beginning and end of Aylesbury road), 5 going each way. Some are better designed then others and more applicable for accessibility. Some would argue there are too many and an assessment should be conducted to see if they are required.

Better use of council funds
There are better ways to spend resident’s money then implementing this change. Residents have many other concerns and they should have a choice on how the money is spent. Proper consultation is needed with locals and notice of the outcome.

Currently councillors have advised no one has raised an issue with the proposed change (mainly because residents were unaware), your signature is required to provide evidence that there is a concern with the proposed bus stop change.

If you sign this petition, the outcome will be to postpone the change until proper consultation has been conducted with residents impacted by this.

Many Thanks

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!