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We want a Güell Park that is free and open to all

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Starting in October 2013, the City Council plans to close part of the park and start charging admission to visit it. Those of us at the "Plataforma Defensem el Park Güell" want an open park and we oppose any type of restrictions and privatization of one of the most vibrantareas in the north of Barcelona. Please collaborate with us by signing. Help us to stop the Park Güell from being privatized.

Last February 13th the city was given the go-ahead for a project to privatize the Park Güell: from October 2013 it will cost most visitors a minimum of 7 to 8 euros to enter the park. In addition, the Council announced they would implement an "access system" that will discriminate against those townsfolk who do not reside in one of the seven neighborhoods that are adjacent to the park or who live elsewhere in the metropolitan area. So, some people will have a card allowing them to circulate freely at any time while everyone else (tourists or locals) who wants to visit the park will have to compete for one of the 100 free tickets that will be made
available hourly.

These measures are being implemented for the economic exploitation of the park, not to conserve it. Closing off its landmark area will not solve the problems related to its deterioration (no plans guaranteeing its economic sustainability under private management have been submitted) or overcrowding (there will be more people in a smaller space). At present, the Park Güell is economically self-sufficient (its expenses are covered by two cafés, a museum and a souvenir shop). Closing the Park Güell would create a precedent for privatizing an open green area that was originally intended for public use and the enjoyment of all the citizens.

At the "Plataforma Defensem el Park Güell" we insist that there are other ways to handle the deterioration (through the tourist tax which the city has already imposed) and overcrowding (by making arrangements for tour buses to visit in shifts) of the park that would allow this space, which belongs to all of Barcelona's residents, to continue to be enjoyed.

Please help us achieve this. Please sign this petition and spread the word saying "NO" to the Barcelona City Council: we want access to the Park Güell to keep on being free and open to all.

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