Keep Bangalore, a GARDEN CITY, pollution free!

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I am speaking for everyone who wants to keep Bangalore pollution free, clean and pleasant.

Bangalore is known as a GARDEN CITY of India.

Serene tree lined streets, quiet bylanes leading to peaceful neighborhoods was the norm.  I remember biking down Infantry Road in the Cantonment area of Bangalore past Sankey Tank Road on to St. Sophia's High School as a teenager every day to my high school.
I enjoyed the chirping of early morning birds and the cool breeze against my skin as I made my way daily to school.
After school, my siblings and I would play for hours in my neighborhood filled with Tamarind and Mango trees. As evening approached, we would finish our homework and dinner and walk down to the British Council Library to flip through scores of bright reference books.
Those were good times!

Lately, due to explosive growth and development of the city and a huge surge in IT growth, with Bangalore being regarded as  the 'silicon valley' of the east, every single person I speak to globally is aware of and in awe of the burst of IT growth here. 
Population has grown exponentially and so have the urban problems that accompany such growth.
The once crystal clear, placid lakes  slowly turning not as pleasant at all, with unregulated dumping of industrial waste and pollutants.

As citizens of a beautiful city with year round temperate climate and unbounded professional opportunities please support this petition to bring change to the environmental regulations in the city.
As you can see from the pictures on this petition, we have been seeing environmental emergencies which can potentially be life threatening.

By signing this petition you will be helping create a healthy, clean, pollution free Bangalore.
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(Photo Credit: Amish Anand)