Waterbury Strong CC Equal Demands

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These demands are by no means exhaustive of all of the changes we need to see in this city, state, and country but, they are a starting point. 

Complete Demands Letter: 

Dear Mayor Neil M. O’leary & WPD Chief F. Spagnolo, 

In light of the unjust killing of George Floyd at the hand of the police, the #WATERBURYSTRONG Community Collective along with neighboring partners are calling on your administration to take preventive action to ensure that black and brown people in Waterbury will be safe and protected. As a Community Collective, we are calling on you to support policies that increase police accountability and dismantle systemic racism that is pervasive in our institutions and city culture. 

Immediate development of the #8CANTWAIT National Initiative to stop police brutality within our locality.  Research shows more restrictive use of force policies can reduce killings by police and save lives:

Ban chokeholds & strangleholds
Require De-escalation 
Require warning before shooting 
Require exhaust all alternatives before shooting 
Duty to intervene 
Ban shooting at moving vehicles 
Require use of force continuum
Require comprehensive reporting 

We Demand divestment of at least 0.5% of 2021 budget police services/ public safety budget. Funding divested from the police force must be reallocated to development and creation of a Multimedia Co-Working space with Board of Directors to be selected by special caucus.