Keep Maui Beach Walking Legal

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This is a  petition to ask Mayor Michael Victorino to act now on behalf of the thousands of his constituents who utilize our beaches for healthy, COVID-19 safe exercise. Please sign and circulate this as broadly as possible. Mahalo!!

The beaches will be CLOSED on Sunday, April 19 to walking, running and hiking unless we petition Mayor Mike Victorino to act on the behalf of the thousands pf his constituents that are utilizing the beaches for their essential, COVID-19 safe exercise. The Mayor is acting due to Governor Ige's proclamation Friday closing beaches to walking. While this may be an issue in Oahu, here on Maui people have been very responsible in following social distancing and not "lounging."

Mayor Victorino needs to intervene with Governor Ige on behalf of the thousands of his constituents for whom beach walking and running have been an essential part of their life during quarantine. Participating in this very healthy outdoor activity that helps build immunity, provides needed exercise and is a welcome diversion from the extreme isolation required of the current quarantine. Starting Sunday they will be cited, fined and are able to be arrested for getting their daily exercise on the beach. 

We need Mayor Victorino to act right away on behalf of all of the citizens of the three islands of Maui County and work with Governor Ige to revise his order to enable this one area to be decided by individual counties, and then open the beaches back up to the COVID-19 safe activity of walking, hiking and running as soon as possible.