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Stop the illegal dumping of Abused and Tortured Animals in DALLAS, TX (DOWDY FERRY)

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For decades...the illegal dumping of garbage, dead, abused, tortured and alive animals has gone on in Dallas, Tx. Dowdy Ferry area seems to be the main dumping grounds. City officials know of the issue. Yet nothing has been done. This problem is NOT going away. In fact the problem is only getting worse.Dog Fighting is also a issue in the area. With stray dogs being an issue along with dumped Animals, it is open season for baiting. Dog Fighting and baiting is NOT only issue. Many different animals dead and alive are being found. Most are starved, abused, tortured and neglected. Volunteers go out and check known dumping sites regularly. They have put up some camera's with money donated to try to catch people who are doing this. They make the calls to pick up the dead animals and some sit for days before being picked up. They rescue the ones who are alive that they find. The time has come that City Officials need to address this issue and do something about it! The problem doesn't go away because they choose to ignore it. We the people call on NOT ONLY THE MAYOR OF DALLAS but other CITY OFFICIALS to WAKE-UP and address the issue! address the problem, speak-up for those who can't. 

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