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It was 56 years ago that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX. and still there is no respectable monument to his memory. There is a tiny bronze plate in the ground at Dealey Plaza and a strange looking building a couple of blocks away that no one has any idea of what it is or represents, that is supposed to serve as a memorial. Too much time has passed to not have a monument to show respect and gratitude for this great President. I think a bronze of him about 8 feet tall standing behind a podium over looking Elm St. would be appropriate. It would be between the two concrete embankments of the John Neely Bryan Pergola; one of which Abraham Zapruder filmed the assassination on. On front of the podium could be inscribed to the effect:

Here on November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. A decorated Navy veteran of WW11, Senator and President. We owe the greatest debt to him for not invading Cuba and avoiding nuclear war with Russia. President Kennedy wanted world peace more than anything. The alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald never had a trial and claimed he was a patsy.

Naturally we need approval and funding. Please write, FAX, or call the Mayor of Dallas. I don't see why the 6th Floor Museum cannot help with the funding of the monument. They charge $16.00 per ticket and make a fortune. This is the most visited site in Dallas. If they are there for the memory of the President, they should feel obligated to help with this project.

Please contact the Mayor and make a personal request.

Michael S. Rawlings MAYOR
City of Dallas
1500 Marilla Street 
Room 5EN
Dallas, Texas 75201-6390
Fax: (214) 670-0646
(214) 670-5111